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Order Your Portrait

Step 1 - Purchase the Placeholder NFT 

Do you want to support the VISIBLR project and be a part of the first VISIBLR Portrait collection? Then first collect the placeholder NFT on You can pay with Tez, ETH or Credit Card. If you don't have a Tezos wallet yet, it will be created in the process.

This entitles you to receive your individual hand-painted VISIBLR NFT portrait. Upload a selfie and submit your wallet address below. You will receive your portrait as an NFT in your wallet within 14 days. Note the whole process works best on a laptop and your portrait will shine on a larger screen.

Step 2 - Send Your Image 

No need to glam up, you already look wonderful for your VISIBLR portrait! You can use our portrait tool to take a photo that will be downloaded to your computer. Once we receive the Tezos wallet address you used to purchase the placeholder NFT, your e-mail and the selfie via the form below, we send you a confirmation e-mail. Please allow 14 days for painting your individual VISIBLR portrait.
See the Imprint below for how we process your data.

Upload Image

Thank You! You will receive a confirmation e-mail soon.

Step 3 - Reveal your Portrait 

Your hand-painted VISIBLR portrait will be minted as an NFT on (Tezos) and sent to your wallet. At this point you will receive another e-mail. You can then come back and reveal the portrait here on our our website.

Thank you for supporting the project and becoming a part of the wonderful VISIBLR community!

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