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Germany’s First Intersectional
Project In Web 3

70% of the world's population is non-white

Our Vision

Visiblr is an NFT Art and Social Project that seeks to bring blockchain technology and Web 3 closer for millions of marginalized groups in Germany. Visiblr is committed to social equality and strives for structural change. With Visiblr, we hope to create a world where all people have a seat at the table.

Our Mission

We work to create awareness about the history of white supremacy and gender discrimination and make underrepresented groups literate in blockchain technology and web3. Our mission is to facilitate bridging the divide between those with less access to technology and financial resources and empower them through a

hands-on, open and available experience to all.

Meet us in the Limelight

So, what is BIPoC? BIPoC = Black, Indigenous, and People of Color The world takes the white, predominantly the white male perspective, physiology, and behavior as a default. May it be in product development, healthcare, or scientific research. 70% of the world's population is non-white. In modern medicine, for instance, Women's health, especially if you are BIPoC, is still considered a niche market. Did you know that medication is mostly trialed on white men but applied to every adult? BIPoCs in the global west are staggeringly underrepresented in clinical trials even though mortality and morbidity are often higher than in the white population. It can lead to harmful, even life-threatening outcomes.  The maternal mortality rate highly depends on socioeconomic status. But Black Women die more often than white Women even if they have a higher educational and socioeconomic background.  Infrared technology is used in soap dispensers or door openers to detect motions. The invisible light is reflected from the skin, which sets off the sensor. Darker skin tones assimilate more light; thus, enough light hasn't reflected the sensor to activate the soap dispenser. Dark-skinned bathroom users will have to pass up washing their hands at least with soap. This bug may seem comical on the internet until literally doors won't open for you because you are dark-skinned. It indicates a crucial issue with many technology-based corporations: diversity. Companies unintentionally manufacture discriminatory products because no one at the company thought to test it on dark skin. Or let's have a closer look at the traffic industry. Statistically, Women suffer 47% more severe injuries than men. Furthermore, we are 17% more likely to die in car accidents just because seat belts are primarily tested on male anthropometrics ("dummies"). Imagine how something so common like driving puts you at higher risk to die simply because you belong to the "invisible" 50 % of people. In fact, in every industry you analyze, every technology you examine, you are bound to witness this marginalization of BIPoC and Women. All these aspects reduce the quality of life of the world's majority.  With VISIBLR, we want to start a paradigm shift. With our project you can learn about aspects in life in which BIPoC's and Women's lives are often overlooked. We want people to connect, share and discuss. We want to foster change via the exchange between experts and the affected to jointly develop solutions and ultimately create a better world. Don't get us wrong, we hold no grudge. But we aim for drastic change. By making YOU, THEM, US visible. By offering more BIPoCs and Women a spot in the limelight.

Our Roadmap Ahead

We're still at the beginning of our journey

but we have ambitious plans. In the next few months,

we want to shed a lot of light on the invisible aspects of life

that are often overlooked for BIPoCs and Women.


We'll put a laser-focus on jointly finding a solution: by creating opportunities to learn, share your experiences and discuss ideas on how to disrupt the status quo. We are convinced that together, we can make a real difference and soon, we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What you can do now is to join us on social media

to learn, like and comment. It's time to break the silence and be active.

Be visible. 

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About the NFT Project


Ever feel like you are always one step behind

when it comes to Web 3? 


At least we feel that this space is primarily driven by a few privileged people spending significant amounts of money on rare and exclusive collectibles. Allowlists often require that a person already owns expensive and difficult to get NFTs, making it more and more difficult to join the club. This, in our opinion, contradicts some of the core concepts of Web 3: democratization and decentralization. 

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Order Your


Reveal Your Portrait

Did you receive your VISIBLR NFT? 
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Portrait Gallery

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Social progress has its source in

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So, Why Web 3?

86% of all people in Web 3 are men

At present,

approximately 86 % of people

dealing with Web 3 technologies are men*.

If this distribution persists we can assume that

the future internet will provide an environment where our perspectives and needs will often be overlooked.

Just like in the real world today.

We see great potential to shape the course of this new transformative movement.

This is why we want our

vision to be built

in Web 3. 

Custer, C. (2018). Blockchain’s Gender Divide: A Data Story—Longhash. Retrieved February 24, 2020

TokenTalk with Sui

We are also starting an interview series called TokenTalk with Sui. For our mission to shape the social impact, we talk with BIPoC voices and faces in Web 3. The primary goal is to make the topic more present and accessible to a wider audience.

It's recorded in the studio @ Karakaya Talks:        ____

Watch here or on Youtube.

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Behind the Scenes

We are two friends with a shared passion for the possibilities Web 3 technologies hold and the powerful mindset its community has. Both of us became mothers in 2021 and now more than ever we want to empower Women to get an equal say in shaping the world. We believe in diversity that doesn't exclude but would rather include everyone. People must learn from each other with disagreements, conflicts, and hopefully fruitful solutions. We fear an echo chamber effect if we address only Women or purely BIPoC. Social progress is an eventual effect of conflicts: in class, ability, religion, sexual orientation, race, or gender. Hence, we see opportunities in conflicts rather than dismay. Our mission to put invisible yet crucial BIPoC+female topics in the limelight unites us.  










Creative Solutions





Diversity Advisory

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Feel like talking?

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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